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I am passionate about my work & my mission –

and I love talking about it. 
I am available for podcasts, interviews, articles etc. on the topics of breathwork, awareness, conscious living, cultivating inner peace, healing at the root, trauma-sensitive coaching, relationships, integrating emotions, inner work, spiritual and personal transform

Please contact me on if you wish to collaborate.

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Bolero Magazine 

This breathwork article was published in October 2019 in the Swiss magazine Bolero. It’s about the power of breath, including the personal report of the journalist, who shares with authenticity and openness about her first breathwork experience with me. An experience that turned out so differently for her than she had expected.

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The Essence of Life Podcast

A beautiful conversation about Breathwork with Nicole Ming: «Your breath is guiding you – find your true nature. It’s about the pure essence of life: The BREATH. Our breath is the first thing that happens when we are born and the last action that occurs when our path here has come to an end. The breath is our life elixir, our source of energy. The breath is what carries you, even if everything is falling apart. It’s the one thing that brings you back to yourself.»

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Breathe. Work. Breathwork

Little did I know that one of our recent breathwork ceremony participants was a talented under-cover blog writer, describing her first breathwork experience: 

“...It may sound a bit crazy, but this intense, continued, connected breathing is a mechanism to crack through repressed feelings, traumatic experiences, anxiety and other mental barriers from our subconscious. So there I was, thinking I signed up for some special pranayama session, processing the fact that I had no clue what was going to happen next…."

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