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Breathwork is one of the most powerful, effective and simple ways to release physical, psychological and emotional stress. It can bring you a lot of inner peace and clarity. Breathwork has the potential to reconnect you with your true self, heart, inner wisdom and higher guidance.


Breathwork helps if you are thinking too much and can't seem to calm your mind down. Instead of analyzing things endlessly in the mind, you will breathe into your body for a full hour using a breathing technique called connected breathing. This cleanses the nervous system from pent-up emotion and tension.



Workshop description currently only available in German (choose German site language for details)

The workshop itself will be held in English, German or both, according to the participants preference. When a new Sanctuary of Light & Breath is planned, the dates will be published here.

I am open to collaborations, feel free to contact me if you would like to invite me to hold a workshop or retreat in Switzerland or anywhere in the world! 

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