The healing power of connected breathing

Breathwork is one of the most powerful, effective and simple ways to release physical, psychological and emotional stress. It can bring you a lot of inner peace and clarity. Breathwork has the potential to reconnect you with your true self, heart, inner wisdom and higher guidance.


Breathwork helps if you are thinking too much and can't seem to calm your mind down. Instead of analyzing things endlessly in the mind, you will breathe into your body for a full hour using a breathing technique called connected breathing. This cleanses the nervous system from pent-up emotion and tension. Consequently, inner peace, calm, joy of life and aliveness will be present. You feel light, clear, empowered and free. You come back into your center, to a place where you are simply yourself.


Come and dive into your breathwork journey, recharge yourself with new energy and heal at the root. Breathwork is a path for fast personal and spiritual growth and transformation. It is also an excellent way to resolve past trauma holding you back in living a truly happy and free life today. Unresolved trauma is stored in our subconscious, cells and tissue of the body, that's why we need to work with the body to access, heal and integrate it.

What happens during a breathwork ceremony?

Each evening will be a bit different, but generally my breathwork ceremonies have the following flow:


• Breathwork introduction. What are the benefits of breathwork? What can happen during your breathwork journey? What do you need to know before we start?

• Demonstration and practicing of the connected breathing technique

• We will do 1-2 exercises to activate your life force energy and prepare for the breathwork journey

• You lay down on a yoga matt on your back

• Set an intention

•  Breathe intensively into your body for about one hour accompanied by powerful and touching music. The intense breathing will activate a process of self-healing. Your system may let go of old pain, blockages, tension and suppressed emotions. You may receive insights for a problem in your life, higher guidance, clarity and even visions for their life path. For some this process is felt very physically, for others more emotionally, for most participants it's usually a mix of both. Most people experience their breathwork journey as liberating.

• Integration time and sharing in the group.

Your breathwork journey will take place in a sacred space of unconditional presence and safety and may be supported with bodywork and essential oils. My Breathwork Ceremonies are held every two week. No previous experience needed, all workshops can be booked independent from each other and you may join in on any date. Registration is mandatory, spaces are limited.  


What to bring: Comfortable clothing which allows you to breathe freely, bottle of water and an open mind. Arrive 10 minutes before the workshop starts. Don't come with a full stomach, nor hungry, have a light, healthy snack before the session. After your session: Allow time to integrate and honour your experience by keeping the time after your breathwork session entirely free. It's not advised to have plans right after your breathwork journey.

Contraindications: This workshop not suitable for people with a history of epilepsy, heart-attacks, significant recent injuries and surgeries or people with a personal or family history of aneurysm. The group breathwork is also not advised for persons with severe mental illness, strong PTSD or seizure disorders or for those using major medications. If you are pregnant, please contact me before signing up for the breathwork. People with asthma should bring their inhaler and consult with me before signing up. In some cases, a private session might be the best option. Let's speak about it, to make sure you are safe and feel taken care of.  

Location: Studio Yogisi, Grubenstrasse 19, 8045 Zürich-Binz, 

Duration: 19:30 - ca. 22:00 h

Cost: CHF 88 

ZURICH Dates 2022: 


04.11/ /25.11


October 29th, 2022, Zürich

Breathwork Deep Dive - Details folgen 

November 17th, 2022, 19:00h, St.Gallen

Flyer Breathwork Ceremony in St.Gallen 

November 19th, 2022, 14:00, Zürich

Breathwork at the Ecstatic Dance Women's retreat (women only)

After your registration, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. I am looking forward to spend this evening with YOU :) 

Payments are also welcome via Twint. My website cannot process Twint payments directly though. For Twint payments use 079 249 0511 (include your name and date of the date you'd like to attend)