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I will not rescue you. 

For you are not powerless.  

I will not fix you. 

For you are not broken. 

I will not heal you. 

For I see you, in your wholeness. 

I will walk with you through the darkness as you remember your light.

-Sheree Bliss Tilsley

I love my work. It fills me with gratitude, awe, joy and humbles me over and over again. I offer people a space where they can let go, heal at the root, find their center, clarity, alignment and recharge with new energy. A place where they can remember, who they are in essence and what really matters to them in life.

A grounded type of spirituality

All of the modalities and tools I offer my clients, are what I practice myself almost on a daily basis. I like practical approach and marrying the worldly & simple with the magical, unknown and infinite possibilities of the universe. I enjoy working with different people: From the business man or woman who "finds spiritual stuff a bit suspect" but feels drawn to it anyway... to people who have already done a lot of inner work.


Jayasri Eve Romang

The deep love I have for the Divine and my relationship with it, is very natural to me and part of my every day life, just like brushing my teeth. For me this love has never been even remotely associated with religion, church or something external of me. It blossoms inside my heart and guides me. In an ordinary, yet magical and sacred manner. It's as an intimate, pure, direct and most my important relationship - to a wise, higher guidance, which is not separate from our own true essence. This divine guidance is available for anyone who is truly longing for it and often working for you without you noticing it. As human beings we often believe that we have to do it all alone, but so much support is available from Spirit, we just need to open to it.

Healing at the root and inner peace

What all humans, independent of their culture, origin, nationality or religion desire is: inner peace. All of the members of our human family are essentially looking for peace. I have been fascinated by this question: What is at the root of suffering and unhappiness, what brings us inner peace? On my ongoing search, I have found many things that alleviate the symptoms of suffering temporarily, but little that is truly addressing the root causes.


Today, I share the approaches and perspectives that I found to be effective to create lasting transformation. Of course, I never stop learning. Inner work and growth are my passions. If life brings me an uncomfortable or painful experience, I allow the pain. Often I experience almost simultaneously an excitement and I wonder: What will I be able to recognise through this challenge? How will it serve me to grow? Which insights is it going to reveal to me? What will I learn about life and myself, that I hadn't been seeing so far? I then sit down and do the inner work.

You are not the voice in your head

One of the most important insights on my journey has been that it's good not to believe everything that is going through my head all day long. That I am not my thoughts, but the awareness that observes the thoughts coming and going. If you are fully identified with your psychological mind, you are at the its mercy. Nobody ever teaches us that we are not that voice in the head which unceasingly comments on everything. Sometimes the voice says: "You are not good enough", and then again it says: "You are the best". How trustworthy is this voice?

Many of us can't fall asleep at night because our thoughts keep controlling us and we never learned how to take back control. People all over the world are killing themselves and others because they believe their thoughts and
perspective s to be the absolute and only truth.


If we come to see that thoughts and beliefs have no power, as long as we don't identify with them, some level of inner peace and freedom will be inevitable. And then, the mind, which is helpful for practical things, will be a servant of the heart and bring clarity instead of confusion and self - doubt. The interpretation and meaning we assign to life situations and experiences, will no longer be automatic and unquestioned. With practice the chatting voice in the head will be like a radio in another room and no longer disturb the inner peace.

About Essentially Peace

The overachiever type corporate person who works 80 hours a week chasing after success, recognition, status and wealth. The so called spiritual person devoted to Zen meditation, a healthy simple lifestyle, with no worldly desires at all. They seem to be entirely different, right? The truth is, they are not, they are simply using different strategies to reach the exact same goal: inner peace.


In essence, all human beings want to be happy and at peace. That's why we are doing what we are doing on a daily basis. From our choice of food, clothes, careers, books, habits, attending self-improvement seminars to bigger decisions like getting married or not, having children, travel, study, save for a house... At the core of all our actions is the belief that our choices will make us feel happier and at peace. A very understandable and natural desire.

But as we all know, life happens. The human experience can get pretty messy. Few of us had a perfect picture book childhood that left us with positive imprints only, throughout the course of our lives we lose loved ones, get sick, live through disappointments in love and friendship, loose jobs or homes, business partners we trusted betray us, spouses of 20 years fall in love with someone else, we don't get the expected promotion at work, are involved in a car accident, loose our money, fall into addiction, go through the tragedy of giving birth to a stillborn child. Natural disasters, wars and huge environmental crisis are occurring.


All these painful, defining and potentially traumatising events happen to countless people around the globe as you are browsing my website and some of them may have happened to you. So life is not entirely in our control. What we can gain control over is, how we deal with these painful events. How we navigate through these times of challenge and how we come out on the other side of them.


What we learn from them, whether we turn bitter and spiral down into despair or whether we use these challenges to learn, heal, expand and grow in wisdom and inner strength… eventually recognising the gifts born out of our loss and finding peace again, emerging as a more mature human being with an even bigger, more humble and grateful heart, increased capacity for compassion and love for ourselves and others. Despite of, or even because of what we went through.


Please note that I am not suggesting the spiritual-bypassing approach of positive thinking here, such as "getting over things" prematurely. It's vital to acknowledge our hurt, to truly heal and integrate at the root. After this integration work, moving forward, spiritual growth and expansion come as a natural by-products.

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