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Martin, Project Developer

In the hectic hustle and bustle of my busy everyday life, both the individual sessions with Jayasri and the Sanctuary of Light & Breath offer a welcome oasis of peace and reflection, to take a deep breath and come back to myself: not having to do anything, not wanting to do anything, simply BEING... fully surrendering myself to the breath, letting all heaviness fall away and experiencing a feeling of lightness; completely detached from everything and yet deeply connected to myself.


Thank you Jayasri for your liberating and inspiring offerings as well as for your empathetic, fresh and cheerful manner.

Karin Bänninger, Business Owner


I first came to Jayasri with one great wish: I want to be able to breathe deeply and freely! Through a stroke of fate, grief and strong physical challenges, I neglected my life and breathing had become difficult. I suffered from insomnia and there where times, I would be almost unable to move. There was this feeling of wearing an iron corset around my chest and I was in great pain. Already the first breathwork session miraculously took me on a journey into myself, and I was able to reduce the painkillers.


Meanwhile, I have learned to “breathe again”. I immediately felt a physical, emotional and mental improvement. I gave myself permission to enjoy life to the fullest again, to simply experience life again with all the beauty it has to offer, such as nature with all its diversity. My husband who died four years ago appeared during my first breathwork session and told me: Live and enjoy! Through this experience and his message I was able to let him go, which is such an essential step in the process of mourning the death of a beloved.


I am looking forward to each breathwork journey, enjoying the inner peace. Life has become valuable and important to me once again. Besides that, self-respect and mindfulness are now a natural and important part of my life. Fear and shortness of breath belong to the past. The sheet has turned and adopted wonderful colours. “The path is the destination and wherever you go, go with all your heart (Confucius)” Dear Jayasri, thank you for your guidance on this journey.

Flurin, Entrepeneur & Awareness Guide

I keep coming back to Jayasri's Breathwork group sessions because to me, the breath is essential for my expansion and development. We store a lot in the body that can be released through this work. With this breathing technique and Jayasri's guidance, one can dive deeply inside, connect with the sub-conscious mind and learn how to let go, to heal and find access to new insights.


For this breathing process, Jayasri creates a wonderful space: She has the ability to hold that space with her strong and loving energy. I thank you from the heart, dear Jayasri, for your work and that I may enjoy this healing space that you create again and again. 

Through a series of sessions with Jayasri I was able to solve a lot of inner blockages, gained new insights about my life path and ever since, I experience so much more clarity and awareness in my life. I appreciate Jayasri's presence, competence and her loving aura.


Each session is a special experience for me. I am recommending her work 100%. What she offers is unique, deeply transforming and enriching. To me these sessions with her are very valuable. 

Josefina Arias, Mindset Coach & Entrepreneur

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The MAP sessions with Jayasri were a wonderful experience. They allowed me to learn a lot about the different personality aspects and needs existing within me. I felt very supported by Jayasri's deep understanding of emotions, her eye for complex relationships and her gentle approach.


She helped me to open up, to get to the bottom of things and to neutralise the emotional charge of past experiences. Working with Jayasri brought me more clarity, calm and equanimity in many aspects of my life. Dear Jayasri, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I highly recommend these MAP sessions to everyone.

Isabel Erne, Project Manager & Life Coach

Nicole Ming, Spiritual Entrepreneur

Jayasri, you have this rare gift of holding a space where everything is allowed to be exactly as it is. How urgently our world needs people like you! I felt absolutely safe and held in the breathwork group as well as in the individual sessions with you. The breathwork journeys were unique in their depth, challenged me to the utmost and brought me to a point where I had never been in my life. The breath was and is my anchor to allow and experience the whole spectrum of emotions - from the deepest fear to absolute bliss and pure grace. I received images, visions and guidance on my soul path, saw situations from past lives and felt an energy and calmness in me that I cannot put into words. Deep-seated traumatic experiences were allowed to surface, safely transform and heal.


It feels like a breakthrough, as if a dam has broken and my life force can finally flow completely through me. I am so glad that I summoned all my courage and went to the root - "Healing at the root", as you say so aptly. Jayasri, I bow to you, your deep being and work. To me, there’s no greater service to humanity than what you offer through your work. What a gift to know you in my life! May your work reach many more people and may they receive the rich gifts of your offering as well. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. God bless you.

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Jayasri site graphics.png

Josef Meyer, Chairman of the Board,
Wealth Management

As someone who lives very much in his head and logical brain, I usually don't relate to words like spirituality and breathwork. But you get used to Jayasri very quickly, to her questions, the meditative part and the breathing and bodywork session. I have to admit, I could never have imagined what Jayasri can accomplish through the deep breathing, guided meditation and bodywork!


Today, I would never want to miss it! Within a few moments into the session, I am relaxed. Jayasri has an ability to work with clear practices and guided imagery, so I forget my every-day life, the worries, to-do lists... I basically leave everything behind in theses sessions and I am literally just in the present moment. It's an indescribable state of being, a deep relaxation!


Each session is a bit different, but it's always pure nirvana! Jayasri's work, however, is more than just a relaxing experience, in her own way she really challenges you to have a look at yourself and to think about your life. One thing I can say for sure: No matter how tired, stressed out or irritated I might be at the beginning of the session, by the time I leave her, I am a calm, balanced and better person!

Vanessa, Product & Pricing Specialist

Thank you for your heartfelt work. My path has led me to Jayasri through Breathwork. Full of curiosity and now positive changes, I am experiencing the power of MAP Coaching. Traumatizing and emotionally stressful moments are neutralizing and I am stepping into a new power and potential. I recommend these MAP coachings to all who wish to experience transformation in their lifes. 

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D. A., Entrepreneur

I started working with Jayasri during a time where my life was spiraling down. Already after the first few sessions, I have found clarity and inner peace. The most important wish for me was to take my career to the next level. Through breathwork I had my breakthrough in business! Besides that, it taught me to deal with my emotions and how to act with awareness in stressful situation. I have learned to trust myself and speak my own opinion and truth no matter what. My self-confidence has improved dramatically.

My favorite things about these sessions were the way you treated me, Jayasri and the profound peace and calm I felt after each breathwork session! I have recommended Jayasri's work to many of my close friends and have noticed transformations in them and myself. To anyone who is thinking about working with Jayasri: I would advise you to trust and be open, it's only through this openness to try something new, that you can find out for yourself how valuable these sessions can be. Jayasri, I am endlessly grateful to have met you. Your work has contributed to my success at work and to the happiness in my private life. I am happy to know you. Thank you!

Martina Hostettler, Life Coach

Jayasri is like an angel to me! The sessions with her have moved and touched my entire Being. I felt really seen by her and appreciate Jayasri's openness, warmth and the love she pours into her work. Already on the phone, I felt that had found the right place for me. Even though the work with her also really challenged me at times, I soon noticed a a deepening of my inner peace and calm, my sleep improved and I connected with this enormous life force energy inside me! Through the conscious breathing I gained more self-awareness and body-awareness.


When I first started going to the sessions with Jayasri, I wasn't quite sure what I really wanted and what I signed up for. I only knew that I wanted to free myself from old patterns and take things to the next level in my life. Breathwork helped me to let go of the blockages which had been holding me back. It enabled me to get in touch with my desires and needs and to express them. With Jayasri I could simply be myself. There was space for my whole Being, something I really appreciated.

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I highly recommend Jayasri's work! If you are looking for someone who offers a safe space where you can also discuss and transform difficult issues, then I encourage you to work with her. Through Breathwork I have given myself the opportunity for expansion, discovering new things and to express and live more of myself. I wish the same for you. Jayasri, you are a gift and I feel that through breathwork you are following your calling with all your heart. Thank you!

René, Managing Director

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After the sudden death of my beloved, I was looking for a way to regain my peace, strength, love and joy of life. I had spent some time browsing the internet and ended up on Jayasri's website. I contacted her the same day to book my first appointment. Already after the first breathwork session, I noticed that I felt a bit more inner peace which motivated me to continue with breathwork. I also started to integrate the breathwork sessions into my every day life. Apart from a few meditations, I did not have any previous experience in this field. To me, each breathwork sessions is like a unique journey. An inner journey to all my feelings and to the infinity of my existence. After the session I feel deeply relaxed.

Breathwork has helped me to find my way back into life! Meanwhile, the regular breathing sessions have become a part of my life. I recommend this work to anyone who is looking for a way to connect with their feelings, for inner growth and expansion. And to people who feel more drawn to work with the emotional realm, rather than the mental realm - which, in my  experience leads to more profound and lasting change. Jayasri will be guiding you very lovingly. I give thanks to Jayasri for her warm and loving support during all my breathwork journeys.

Patricia Schebsdat-Siuto, Clinical EFT and Energy Psychology Practitioner

Through working with Jayasri and the MAP Coaching Method I have been able to solve in a simple and gentle way different problems, blockages and fears that made my life difficult. In addition, I have been able to understand certain processes I was going through which led to an improved relationship with my son. The most impressive part is, that I was able to resolve past situations that made me act and react in an exaggerated way in the present. Now I feel freer, stronger and more confident.


A very important complement to feel good has been to participate in the breathwork ceremonies with Jayasri. It has been wonderful to be able to connect with my body and to dissolve past wounds and hidden fears in such a gentle and powerful way, feeling carried by Jayasri who guides the ceremony with a lot of passion, presence and dedication. Thank you Jayasri for your guidance and attention. In each and every session I have felt your presence, competence, empathy and authentic interest. You always create a safe space where it is easy to open up and go deep. I can recommend your work 100%.

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Dominique Allegrucci, Personal Trainer & Nutritionist

I have attended many breathwork sessions with Jayasri and can highly recommend it to everyone. Not only for individuals who are going through difficult times or changes. The way Jayasri prepares and holds the space, before, during and after the breathwork is very professional and passionate. It makes you feel welcome and safe. She puts her whole heart into it that makes it very special.


The breathwork has helped me to ground myself and dissolve many unresolved issues that have been accompanying me throughout my life. Issues I partially wasn’t aware of. The breathwork increased my awareness so that deep lying fears could be brought to surface, faced with courage, accepted and let go of. Jayasri thank you for being such a wonderful open being and letting this beautiful gift you have flow through you to help others find themselves. Looking forward to joining you in more sessions in the future. Thank you!"


Sabina Kustura, Office employee

I suffered from panic attacks, anxiety and restlessness. Years ago I was in psychotherapy with the same symptoms, it was good and has helped me, but unfortunately my panic attacks and anxiety came back and this time, I wanted to find an alternative to the psychotherapeutic sessions. So I booked a breathwork session with Jayasri. On the way to my first appointment with her, I felt nervous because I wasn't sure what to expect. But her calmness, the loving way she decorated her practice and the wonderful smell that filled the room, put me immediately at ease and made me feel safe. After a talk and introduction to the breathing technique, we went into the breathwork session. For the first time in my life, I could simply focus on my inner world! This session was so uplifting, it made me feel so calm, at peace and grounded! Totally convinced of the work with Jayasri, I purchased a series of sessions and worked with her on a regular basis. With the enormous help of Jayasri, I could finally find back to myself!

She introduced me to valuable self-help tools, such as breathing practices, questioning core beliefs, journaling and meditations; exercises that I started to integrate into my every-day life. I started to live my life more consciously, to observe, smell, feel, to go for nature walks! Before, I never took time to myself in this way. Through the work with Jayasri, I am in the process of getting to know and love my inner world. I can recommend her work with all my heart. I am convinced of her sessions and  experienced it myself: If you need support through a difficult period of your life and are ready to work on yourself, you are in good hands with Jayasri. The work with her was a big eye-opener and empowered me to take the right actions.

Angela, Entrepeneur 

I was single for almost 20 years before the Rise in Love Program. Now I am in a fulfilling, harmonious relationship on eye-level since over 3 years. I am forever grateful for Jayasri's support and guidance during the Rise in Love Proramm.


I actually just flipped through an old journal and came across a love letter to myself that I had written during the Rise in Love Program as one of the exercises...So, great! I've just fallen in love with myself all over again. My partner and I are so happy together and I am amazed by the harmony and compatibility in our relationship, how smoothly certain things work with him. Things that felt so challenging and even heart-breaking in the past. 


Andrea B., Lawyer

I can't thank Jayasri enough. I have made a quantum leap at work after a single MAP Coaching Session. I was on the verge of quitting my job because I just couldn't get along with my boss. I found her to be extremely dominant and difficult to work with. In the meantime, our relationship is simply great! I had a particular issue that was making me feel insecure at work. In the MAP Coaching Session we worked on that issue and from that date on, I could cultivate a different approach. I now feel very safe and confident within myself and that inner transformation seems to have an effect on my boss. I can now work in peace and even get to choose my favourite tasks while working at my own pace. It's such a cool and new experience, which I never had before. So again, thank you so much, dear Jayasri. It's like working 2.0.

Tim P., Scientist

Breathwork with Jayasri has increased my connection with my true emotional nature, improving my access to my intuition and true dreams in life. I would recommend this to anyone who wishes to do inner work, trauma therapy, and for those who wish to explore their true lives.The atmosphere fostered by Jayasri during a breathwork session creates a space for acceptance. This is an experience unique to breathwork with Jayasri, allowing the participants to dive deep. I advise people to just show up, breathe, and see what happens. There is no risk. Simply arrive with no expectations and see what happens. 

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