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"If you own your breath, nobody can steal your peace."

Trauma-sensitive & therapeutic
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Experience the healing power of conscious connected breathing


When we think of health, we think of healthy foods, exercise, good sleep. And while these factors are very important for our well-being there is one huge essential aspect to health that is widely overlooked: How we deal with and process our emotions, how we integrate past pain and how we think. Thoughts lead to emotions. Trapped emotions get stored in the body and if never processed can lead to disease. Our trapped emotions, traumas and unprocessed life experiences held in our nervous system, are the source of everything, that weakens us. At the core of every stress, symptom and disease are emotions, memories and trauma that are buried in the sub-conscious. This type of therapeutic and trauma-sensitive breathwork is a powerful yet simple way to process these emotions and free yourself. 

This simple breathing technique is very effective at releasing stress on all levels. It can bring you a lot of inner peace and clarity. Breathwork has the potential to reconnect you with your true self, heart, inner wisdom and higher guidance.


Breathwork helps if you feel you are thinking too much and can't seem to calm your mind down. Instead of analyzing things endlessly in the mind, you will breathe into your body for a full hour using a breathing technique called connected breathing. This cleanses the nervous system from pent-up emotion and tension. Consequently, inner peace, calm, joy of life and aliveness will be present. You feel light, clear, empowered and free. You come back into your center, to a place where you are simply yourself.

«I breathe in my courage and exhale my fear»


Come and dive into your breathwork journey, recharge yourself with new energy and start to heal at the root. Breathwork is a somatic approach, a path for personal and spiritual growth and transformation.


It is also an excellent way to resolve past trauma holding you back in living a truly happy and free life today. Unresolved trauma is stored in our subconscious, cells and tissue of the body, that's why we need to work with the body to access, heal and integrate it.


What are some of the benefits people tend
to experience through Breathwork?

༄  Processing blocked or suppressed emotions

༄  Calms the mind, your focus moves from the head into the heart and body 

༄ Release of tension and stress on a physical, emotional and mental level

༄ Experience inner calm & peace


༄ Purifying on all levels 


༄ Can act like a reset, returning to your centre


༄ Ending stress cycles, reduces fears and worries


༄ Processing and integrating (trauma) energy and blockages held in the body 


༄ Through the expanded state of consciousness this type of breathing creates, solutions, ideas and insights into challenges and regarding your life situation can emerge 


༄ Strengthens connection to your intuition, heart, truth, clarity, subconscious, higher self and the spiritual world


༄ Your life energy flows more strongly and freely


༄ Increased joy of life, happiness for no reason, zest for life 


༄ Strengthens your self-love and connection with yourself and others

༄  Some describe it as a deep reconnection with their essence, the present moment and this wonderful sense of "all is well"

༄  Ability to freely and fully  "breathe again" - since tension in the breathing muscles can be released

This list could be continued, since each session is really unique. Read client feedbacks below.. 

Recommended: Book a series of six sessions.
One of them is my gift to you!

Experience shows, it's best to start with a series of six sessions. During this time and with your commitment a lot can be integrated and important steps in your healing journey can happen.


After our first session together, we will both know whether we are a good match to continue working together. If you decide to purchase a series of six sessions, after your initial appointment, this first session (120 min.) will be my gift to you. 

Single Session
One session lasts two hours and costs CHF 240.--

(payment in cash or twint)


Deep Dive Breathwork Package
A series of 6 sessions x 120 min. costs CHF 1200 

Pay 5 and receive 1 as a gift

⧼⧼♡ ⊶⊷  ☽ ❀ ☾⊶⊷ ♡ ⧽⧽

Do you resonate with this offering? But you still have questions or are not sure it's for you? Then let's meet for a free 15 min call on Zoom, to connect, get to know each other a little and clarify your questions. Sometimes we just want to get a feeling for someone before we book a session, especially if we haven't met the person before. You can go to my booking page and request a connecting call with me. If you are ready to book a session with me directly go ahead, I look forward to breathing with you! 

Ready to book?  It's best to schedule your Breathwork session in way that allows  space and time for integration afterwards. So preferably no further meetings or appointments after the breathing session.

My Story

I discovered breathwork in Costa Rica over a decade ago. During my first breathwork session I had a surprising experience: I realized who I am in essence, who we all are in essence, beyond our background/life story, beliefs, self-image, concepts, thoughts and roles. It was such an empowering and liberating experience that I decided to train as a breathwork coach. My breathwork sessions offer a safe space to connect with your authentic self, your essence, your clarity and aliveness. It's a relaxed space free of the daily pressure "to achieve something", "to do a good job" or "to be someone".

A place where you can simply be you.

As of 2024 I have had the privilege to guide around 3300 people through their breathwork journey, during 1:1 sessions, retreats and group sessions.


Again and again, I am touched and humbled by the transformation and healing that can happen through a simple breathing technique right in front of my eyes. 

I have a deep passion and love for this work and I am dedicated full-time to it. In order to stay up to date and deepen my knowledge I choose to continuously engage in further breathwork and trauma-related training. I keep learning as I recognise the responsibility that comes with holding the space for someone who is going through their vulnerable breathwork experience - this is deep inner work which connects us to our deepest and real Self, to our subconscious mind and potential traumatic energy stored in the body. When this energy resurfaces in order to be integrated and liberated, it's of course essential for this process to happen in a safe space. 


My approach is trauma-sensitive, therapeutic  and process-oriented. One of the most frequent feedbacks I receive from my clients is how safe, held, cared for and welcome they felt during their breathing experience. That makes me particularly  happy, because, only when our autonomous nervous-system detects safety, we can open up and allow healing to happen. 

About 9 years ago, when I first started offering this method, breathwork wasn't known yet in Switzerland. I was among the first therapist who introduced breathwork in Zurich. Meanwhile, it has become a trendy modality  and while it is certainly wonderful that more and more people can have access to it,  unfortunately there are people who are not or not sufficiently qualified to offer this work in a safe manner, but do it anyway. This is risky and tends to damage the reputation of Breathwork as a safe, sustainable and valuable therapy method. It is crucial that you choose a breathwork coach who is properly trained, has experience and knows how to hold a safe space to ensure that your breathwork sessions is a healing experience and not a retraumatizing one. Sadly, I have clients in my practice who had to go through such unsafe experiences because they were not guided professionally.


Whether you resonate with me and book a session or decide to look further, do yourself a favour and choose your coach wisely - ask them questions  about their qualification and experience and trust your gut feeling.

Ready to book? Schedule your Breathwork session in way that allows  space and time for integration afterwards. So preferably no further meetings or appointments after the breathing session.

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