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These tailor-made Coaching & Therapy Sessions are addressed to people who are looking for support in one or several of the following areas of life:

Stress management, support with chronic stress, restlessness and dissatisfaction

Find healing & integration for painful past experiences in your life

Connect more deeply to yourself, your true essence, the Divine, pure consciousness.

Rest in your center and heart. Discover, deepen and cultivate your spirituality. Meditation. Intention.

  Romantic relationships

Move from an uninspired life on autopilot to creating your life consciously. Inspiring vision for your life. Clarity. Empowerment. New alignment. Aliveness.

Efficient mix of different coaching, healing and therapy modalities

In each session we will decide together which of my Coaching & Therapy modalities would serve you best at the time. I work with a powerful collection of different modalities such as Breathwork, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), The MAP method,Trauma Healing, Parts Work, Bodywork, Bach flowers, The Work of Byron Katie, Meditation, Energy work and more. My own approach of supporting people has developed over the past 12 years and continues to expand. My sessions are not conventional and not by the book. I will use what works best for YOU guided by my intuitive abilities, empathy, divine guidance and many years of experience.

Limited number of exclusive and tailor-made Coaching & Therapy sessions

It's my choice to book only three people a day and dedicate two hours to each person. Why? Because I love it when I have enough time with my clients to listen deeply and to be fully present with them.


In this relaxed, safe and wide space, we can go deep, move with the flow and let healing happen at the root.

Recommended: Book a series of six sessions.
One of them is my gift to you!

Experience shows, it's best to start with a series of six sessions. During this time and with your commitment a lot can be integrated and important steps in your healing journey can happen. After our first session together, we will both know whether we are a good match to continue working together. If you decide to purchase a series of six sessions, after your initial appointment, this first session (120 min.) will be my gift to you.

Cost and duration

One session lasts two hours and costs CHF 240.-- (payment in cash or twint)

A series of 6 x 120 min. costs CHF 1200.-- (pay 5 receive 1 as a gift)
The sessions should be used up within approx. six months

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