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Corporate Buddha Mentorship

Learn how to deal with stress effectively, come out of chronic stress and prevent burnout. Move from Corporate Zombie to Corporate Buddha in 12 weeks.

Is your life dominated by your work? Are you overwhelmed with everything, feeling almost constantly under stress, irritable, impatient, restless and plagued by worrying thoughts? Is there a sense of emptiness and discouragement in you, a lack of passion for your work ?


You are under high pressure, your life feels rushed, almost like a race and seems ruled by duties and endless to-do lists. You tend to work yourself into the ground and at the weekend (in case you have one) you are so exhausted that you lack energy to spend your limited free time in an inspiring way, go on an adventure or dedicate yourself to a hobby.


You ask yourself: is this the life I want? Even if you do rest at the weekend, your batteries don't seem to fully recharge anymore, it's hard to let go of the racing thoughts and unwind. Your health, your sleep and relationships are suffering...


Perhaps you already know, that you can't go on like this for much longer, but you have no idea how to change your situation. You feel somehow trapped, alone and are suffering silently. You may have witnessed people you know, having a so called burnout and you want to avoid going down this route yourself. Many people feel the same way you do. Few admit it though. But where is the difference between those people who succeed to come out of chronic stress, avoid burnout and find a new quality of life and those who spiral down and eventually get sick?


In my experience, the following factors are key:

Prioritise & commit
There needs to be a clear decision that your current situation MUST change NOW. This decision/ commitment for change is the most important step. As soon as change becomes a priority, new doors open and things will start moving into the right direction for you.

Support & system
But how should I come out of this longterm stress? Where should I even start? What could be the right approach for me? A lot of people living the hamster wheel lifestyle, simply do not know how to come out of it and looking for a solution adds to the existing stress. The good new is: With the right knowledge, tools, professional support and a system that works, you can experience the first positive shifts, within a short time. And this is the kind of support that I offer.

Replace & rebuild
The old detrimental habits and triggers must be recognised and replaced by new, empowering habits. Daily rituals are vital to anchor these new healthy habits until they will eventually define your new behaviour, way of life and how you deal with stress.

Dealing with stress effectively is one of the most important skills to learn. Most of us are surrounded by little and big stressors and they won't go away completely, but we can find ways to navigate them by simple practices, more awareness and by cultivating new healthy habits. 


With these 3 first steps, you will already experience a vital shift in your quality of life. If you want to go deeper the optional step may be for you. 


Optional step:

Purpose & meaning - Your why
Why do you do the work you do? Is it an expression of an inner calling, your higher purpose, your talents and passion? Does your work give you joy, meaning and satisfaction while at the same time contributing to the well-being of others and give you the financial abundance you wish for?

What if what I just described was entirely possible for you?

If you have a vision that is bigger than you and you bring it in to the world, then you will not burn out, you will blossom! You will move into a creative state of mind, be guided by life, have plenty of energy and be fulfiled. You will be excited to get out of bed every morning and feel a sense of aliveness and magic. Your work will have purpose and purpose motivation is the highest form of motivation. One of the main factors why people burn out, is because they (no longer) see a deeper meaning in their work. What doesn't have deeper meaning and gives no joy, becomes a mere duty and burden.

What does the 12-week Corporate Buddha Program offer you?

✓ Private Mentoring & Coaching Sessions tailor-made to your specific needs supporting you to move out of chronic stress
Private Breathwork sessions
A new relationship with your mind. Don't let your thoughts run you and dictate your life. How to free yourself from constant mind chatter, center yourself and cultivate find inner peace
A new relationship with your emotions: Don't let your emotions own you. Ways of dealing with your emotions such as anger, self-doubt, unworthiness, fear, worry
Free access to my Breathwork Group Ceremonies (Friday evenings)
1 VIP day
Strategies & tools to deal with stress effectively
Take your power back: How to stop being a salve to your devices, minimise distraction, boost productivity
How to unplug, unwind and relax after a stressful day at work

Learn different meditations to find inner stillness and center yourself. This will enable you to make the right decisions from a place of great inner clarity, promote good sleep and a conscious start into a new day

✓ Connect with your intuition, inner guidance and divine nature
Integrate a few simple practices to calm the survival system in the brain (fight or flight stress response)

Massage Therapy
2 potent self-help methods to transform stressful situations quickly. They are gold and will serve you a life-time
2 x mix of Bach Flower medicine
Effective daily rituals to create lasting change
Personal and spiritual growth
Reading and audiobook list
A safe, loving space to be yourself, transform, heal, expand and take a big leap in your evolution from human doing to human being

GettyImages-882155840 (3).jpg

The tools and approaches I work with:

Breathwork, Coaching & Mentoring, Meridian Tapping/EFT, Meditation & Awareness, The Work of Byron Katie, Massage Therapy, Trauma Healing Work, TRE Tension Release Excercise, Bach Flower Medicine, Non-dual teachings, Divine Connection & Oneness Deeksha Blessings & Prayer

Why a 12-week program?

Let's assume you want to get really good at playing golf or tennis. Would you just take one or two training session and expect to be a pro immediately? Or would you hire an excellent trainer and dedicate yourself to learning this new skill over a period of time? Well, it's the same here: Creating lasting change in the quality of your life, moving out of stress, unlearning old patterns and embodying a balanced and happier version of yourself does take some level of dedication, consistency and practice.

When you make an investment you will more likely stick with the process, even if it should get a bit uncomfortable at times during unlearning some of your old patterns. The commitment to yourself and to a specific goal keeps you on track and bring you results!
Without any commitment, many people tend to give up too soon. 
To invest in yourself, means you are not going to give up so easily and it means that you have me as your guide on your side through all the phases of your transformation.


In three months we go into a depth that we could not reach in single sessions. We will build a relationship of trust that allows me to get to know you and to support you in the most efficient way. I will fully dedicate myself to your transformation. In Western society we glorify "doing it on your own and not needing anyone." I think it is a harsh attitude. To recognise when you need support and ask for it, is a sign of wisdom and strength.

My Story

Many years ago I worked in the finance industry in Zurich. In the mornings I would be the Personal Assistant to very busy and very important human doings: CEOs. In the afternoon I would exchange my elegant business clothes and high- heels for white clothes and float around barefoot in my growing practice as a Massage Therapist & Holistic Coach, lightning incense sticks and play meditative music to relax my clients.


Even though most of my spiritually oriented friends did not understand how on earth I could work in such an "unspiritual" corporate environment, I actually really loved it! I loved switching between these two entirely different worlds! I enjoyed the contrast and different roles I slipped in, it was a perfect mix and it made me feel grounded and happy. And one day I simply knew that the time had come to move on and pour my whole energy into my own business and healing work. Trusting this inner guidance, I quit my office job immediately and ever since dedicated myself fully to my calling, helping people to reconnect with their essence, and emotional healing at the root.


In my years as a Personal Assistant I had an opportunity to study what I call the "Corporate Zombie" (opposite of Corporate Buddha) very closely. I don't call them Zombies because they were mean people. I call them lovingly and jokingly Corporate Zombies because they tend to live in a state of disconnection. Disconnection from the present moment, their hearts, higher purpose, inspiration, creativity, their passions and true nature. They often live in a state of perpetual stress, tension and seriousness much like robots. It pained me to see human beings spending their precious lives in such a state of disconnection.


Since I have not spent the past few years meditating in a cave in India, but used to work in the corporate world myself and built my own successful business (where I had my own share of stress-related challenges in the beginning) I can relate and have a lot of compassion and understanding for Corporate Zombies as well as the right tools and knowledge to support them to turn into Corporate Buddhas!

What is chronic stress? 

(inspired by Dr. Joe Dispenza, neuroscientist)

All organisms in nature can tolerate short-term stress: The zebra gets chased by a lion, once it outruns the lion, it goes back to grassing and the stress response turns off, it's back in balance. But human beings can turn on the stress response by thought alone: Unpaid bills, problems at work, relationship problems.. and as you think about those issues, you turn on the stress response by your thoughts. And when you turn on the stress response, and you can't turn it off, you are headed for some dis-ease. Because no organism in nature can life in emergency mode for extended periods of time and expect to function healthily.


When you perceive danger in your life, let's say you suddenly face a lion, you turn on a stress response called the fight and flight response. The moment you turn on that system, you mobilise enormous amounts of energy to prepare yourself to either fight or run away. Adrenaline and cortisol are produced in high doses. If you are chased by a lion, it's helpful to have all this energy available. When this survival mode is activated your respiratory rate changes, mouth gets dry, blood is sent to your extremities, your heart rate changes and body functions which are not essential for survival, such as digesting your lunch or maintaining the immune system will temporarily shut down. But what if it is not a lion that triggers the stress response, what if it is an e-mail from your boss, the co-worker sitting next to you, seeing your ex or mother-in law?

If you had some tough experiences with your boss or mother in law, do you know that your brain and body react to them, just like they were a lion? When you respond to your ex, co-worker, the news, traffic, work deadlines, get angry, jealous, eat unhealthy, have a particularly stressful thought, you are turning on the same system as though if you were chased by a lion. And you are moving your brain and body out of balance, which is the definition of stress. Most people live 70% of the time in stress, in constant flight and fight/survival mode, which is a disaster for your health and well-being.

Download the Pdf on the 7 phases of burnout syndrome and inspiring videos HERE.


Are you interested in Corporate Buddha Mentorship?

Click the button below to fill out the application form. I will contact you within 48 hours after receiving your application. We will meet for a complimentary, no strings attached conversation (approx. 30 min.) During this meeting we will get to know each other a bit and you will receive all the details for the Program. After this we'll decide whether we are a good fit to work with each other.

Important: Please do not apply if you expect me to have a magic wand to undo all your challenges around chronic stress for you. Only apply if you are ready to take responsibility for your own journey, commit to do your inner work and understand that the success of this program depends to a huge part on your willingness to show up, be open, go deep, do the practices and daily rituals and stick with the process even if it gets a bit more challenging. If you are a yes to this, we will be an amazing team! I guarantee you my full support and a powerful program that works.

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